FGBMFI Halifax Chapter

FGBMFI 4Halifax Chapter

FGBMFI Hitchin

FGBMFI Nottingham

Nottingham Chapter website


Local website for Medway and surrounding areas.

Salford fgbmfi blog

this a blog linked to salfordfgbmfi.com with posts for posters and reports of speakers after the event

there is other information posted and this blog  has been in construction for just over a year. I would like you to link it with the salford chapter details as i see you have done with the warrington info and link.



Facebook Page for FGBMFI (UK & Ireland)

To check out the Facebook page for the national office of Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International (UK & Ireland), please click here: FGBMFI page

FGBMFI Southampton

Southend Website

details of Southend Chapter

FGBMFI Stokesley

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