FGBMFI Halifax Chapter

FGBMFI 4Halifax Chapter

FGBMFI Hitchin

FGBMFI Nottingham

Nottingham Chapter website


Local website for Medway and surrounding areas.

Salford fgbmfi blog

this a blog linked to salfordfgbmfi.com with posts for posters and reports of speakers after the event

there is other information posted and this blog  has been in construction for just over a year. I would like you to link it with the salford chapter details as i see you have done with the warrington info and link.



Facebook Page for FGBMFI (UK & Ireland)

To check out the Facebook page for the national office of Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International (UK & Ireland), please click here: FGBMFI page

FGBMFI Southampton

Southend Website

details of Southend Chapter

FGBMFI Stokesley

FGBMFI Ireland

FGBMFI North East

Website for the North East Region

FGBMFI Calderdale

Website for the Calderdale chapter

FGBMFI East Riding

Website for the East Riding Chapter

FGBMFI Warrington

Website for the Warrington Chapter


FGBMFI Norwich

The Norwich FGBMFI chapter is a group of Christian businessmen from many denominations, all working within the Norwich and Norfolk area. We hold regular monthly lunches and dinners which are open to all.

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